Foot Health Checks- The Quadrant

The feet are the foundation to the body, their welfare is paramount to ensure wellbeing and promote the ability to remain active and independent.

Feet are often hidden and enclosed within footwear, they are repeatedly used and abused. It is essential feet are evaluated at least once per year as part of your general health check.

Our podiatrists aim to screen, protect and prevent foot pathology before it manifests, and it is too late. There are conditions which quiescently manifest in the foot and if left untreated could result in avoidable complications.

The goal of an annual foot check is  to prevent foot and lower limb problems whenever possible and at the earliest opportunity.

Chronic diseases such a inflammatory arthropathies, immunosuppression, diabetes, peripheral arterial disease and neuropathy can directly and indirectly pose and avoidable risk to your feet. Tailored care plans and expert advice may prevent lower limb complications in the presence of chronic diseases.

Healthy feet of sporty, paediatrics and expectant mothers can  also benefit from a foot health checks which are aimed to screen, protect and prevent. Our experts would facilitate tailored recommendations to ensure optimal lower limb health and function.

Our foot health checks include The Quadrat © assessment. This is our approach to evaluate four primary parameters where the information is correlated, a report is generated to provide supported evidence for further testing and tailored treatment plans.

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